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Ametus Development Enters The Luxury Property Market With An 'Art Makes Trust' Philosophy

“Ametus creates unique art from precious landscapes”

Real estate is one of Thailand’s largest business sectors, accounting for several hundred billions of baht in annual revenue. Well established with a number of dominant companies, the sector isn’t easy for a new enterprise to enter. Nevertheless, opportunities await those who seek them and Ametus Development, an ambitious new player, is a company that plans to take its opportunities to grow.

The business was formed when en-entrepreneurial duo Varot Jintananuwat and Chairit Chaisitthiroj first met on a luxury condominium development project in Bangkok’s Langsuan district and discovered their different business backgrounds and experience were complementary and their passions similar and deeply held.

Varot is a founder and chief executive of an interior design company. His portfolio includes interior decoration projects for large corporations and well-known restaurants and shopping malls in Thailand. His interest in property development grew from his experiences in condominium decoration and today he relishes the challenge of delivering signature projects located in unique areas.

Chairit was in the financial industry prior to becoming a property developer. He started out with assets for leasing and concept hotels in the centre of Bangkok. Today he uses his experience in financial management and property development to create beautiful homes that deliver quality living to customers.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the field, Ametus stands out from its competitors in the market because it pays meticulous care to every little detail in order to highlight brand differential. This is also achieved by tapping into the experiences of the two executives to create a philosophy of Art Makes Trust, which incorporates the artistic expertise of Varot in interior design and the trust earned by Chairit through his accomplishments first in the finance industry and subsequently in residential property development.

Differentiated by a Philosophy of Art Makes Trust

At Ametus, potential development sites are perceived in the same way an artist might view a blank canvas. Always the developer’s intention is to fulfil the potential of the land by creating a real estate project that truly distinguishes it from others. Plots are meticulously selected and unique architecture is created especially for each site so as to offer signature homes, each of which has the cachet of a rare work by an old master.

The artistic philosophy espoused by Ametus isn’t solely based on the desire to make elaborate architecture and designs. It also takes into account the simple idea of fulfilment: that which is required to make a home that provides colour and comfort in the owner’s life and brings them the greatest sense of happiness.

Trust in the Ametus team is also paramount. Although a new player among property developers, the company can call upon experienced professionals and consultants with expertise that range from land selection and project planning to architectural and interior design and project management execution.

Our Team

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