“AMETUS” Taps Into Pattaya’s Super Luxury Property Market By Launching “AESTIER”, 285-Mil-Baht Sole Ultra-Luxurious House On Dongtan Beach

Ametus Development penetrates the super luxury accommodation market in Pattaya by kicking off “AESTIER”, an ultra-luxurious house worth 285 million baht. Its signature design comes under the “Blue Diamond of The Ocean” concept” AESTIER is located on Dongtan Beach, Pattaya, Chonburi Province.

Ametus Development Co., Ltd. is a new property developer led by Mr. Chairit Chaisitthiroj, Managing Director, and Acting Sub Lt. Varot Jintananuwat, Executive Director. Despite coming from different industries, they both share the same goal which is to develop the outstanding and unique accommodation in line with the company’s philosophy “Art makes Trust”.

Mr. Chairit Chaisitthiroj, Managing Director of Ametus Development Co., Ltd., said that the main reason for launching the “AESTIER” project is because the property market in Pattaya has been growing thanks to the government’s mega project investment in Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), which covers Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong provinces. Most of the EEC areas are the industrial development. Pattaya is the high potential market as both Thais and foreigners there have the purchasing power for accommodation or make investment. According to the company’s survey, it has found that there is the demand for super luxury accommodation while the supply is limited because of insufficient land. The company sees the opportunity so it decides to launch “AESTIER”, a 285-million-baht ultra-luxurious house under the concept of “Blue Diamond of The Ocean” on the rare piece of land with 1 rai 7 square wah on Dongtan Beach, Pattaya, Chonburi.

“Dongtan Beach is compared as the heart of Pattaya because it is located between Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach. It has a serene, beautiful atmosphere, which is perfect for living. But it is difficult to find the land for new development in this area. Hence, it is a good chance that Ametus has selected this land to build a new landmark as its penetration into the super luxury accommodation market and targeted those who look for the unique accommodation as a reward for themselves, for example, business owners and young successors.”

Acting Sub Lt. Varot Jintananuwat, Executive Director of Ametus Development Co., Ltd., talked about the initiative idea of the AESTIER development project, “This is the last available plot of land on Dongtan Beach, so we determine to develop it under the “Blue Diamond of The Ocean” concept to reflect the rare value that cannot be found anywhere else. The project’s signature design is a combination between a diamond’s facets and the “twist” technique to make the building look like boxes overlaid in different directions on several layers, giving a big challenge to the architecture team. With this signature design, the residents can savor the moment they stay here with the unbeatable panoramic view in 360 degrees. We cannot bring the view into the house but we can design the house to be embraced by the view.”

Mr. Niwat Lamunpandh, an advisor to the project, added, “In my opinion, I think the property business in Pattaya can still grow. Pattaya never dies because it is the land of opportunity. Over the last 10 years, the real estate market in Pattaya has seen more variety of accommodations, for example, beach-side condominiums, city condominiums, resorts, housing projects, etc as well as it attracts some big groups of foreign investors from Russia, China and other countries. The development of EEC also makes the overall picture of the real estate market in Pattaya more exciting and more attractive. According to the in-depth analysis, there is a continuous demand in super luxury market but the supply does not meet the demand. This is a good opportunity for “Ametus” to fill this gap by launching the “AESTIER” project as its advantage is the development on a rare piece of land on a clean and serene beach with fresh air. With its exclusive location, it allows people to enjoy the view of the beautiful sea and islands with a 44-meter-long ocean beachfront. The architecture design is unique and outstanding. AESTIER is perfect for sea lovers to reflect their personality and preferences.”

For the operation and brand creation plan, Acting Sub Lt. Varot said, “As our product has only one unit and the target customer group is very niche, we cannot do the mass marketing like other projects. We would like our Sale Partner to pass on Aestier’s Experience to the target customers so we hold “THE AESTHETIC DAY” as an official opening at Sales Gallery, The AESTIER Project, Dongtan Beach, Pattaya, Chonburi on Wednesday 11 March 2020. We invited all VVIP guests, partners and sale agents to attend this special event so that everyone can experience the real place. It is the best way to let the location and the project tell the story by themselves. Importantly, our partners in this event will become the main persons who communicate the value of AESTIER and help us to foster brand awareness to our target group directly.”

AESTIER is an ultra-luxurious ocean beachfront pool villa worth 285 million baht. With the “Blue Diamond of The Ocean” concept, it will be outstanding with a signature design on Dongtan Beach, Pattaya, Chonburi on the land of 1 rai 7 square wah and the space utility of 2,400 square meters. It provides a full range of amenities including private elevator, fitness, exclusive lounge, Jacuzzi, panorama view, rooftop swimming pool, swimming pool on the first floor and one reflecting pool. For exterior design, it selects white pearl color to make the house look modern and outstanding. With a twist design architecture, the house will look like several sizes of boxes overlaid as layers in different directions. There will be four main parts, comprising Floor 1 : a reception and a bedroom connecting to the swimming pool, Floor 2 : 4 bedrooms, Floor 3 : multipurpose area, which is a center of this house with a 180-degree ocean panoramic view, and Floor 4 : a swimming pool and the area for activities with the 360-degree view on the rooftop. Besides, other stonelike materials have enhanced the detail to look more elegant. Skylights, doors and windows are also designed to give the full ocean view with the 3 meters height. For interior design, it focuses on modern contemporary style. The materials must be easily maintained with multi-functions, for example, the book-matched marbles. For landscape, it intends to make it simple and draw the natural charm of the sea to harmonize with the surrounding area. All functions including green area, green yard, swimming pools, sun deck, Jacuzzi and Bar-B-Q party area are designed to serve the lifestyle of the residents.

Experience the great diamond that is ready to shine and bring happiness to your life today at Sales Gallery of the “AESTIER” project, the only ultra-luxurious signature design house on Dongtan Beach, Pattaya. For further information, please browse www.ametus.co.th or call 063-906-5999



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